Poetry by Tara perry & jordan wayne long




In times most desperate we must stave off anger

We must fight confusion and combat with compassion

Justice, misunderstood is not served lightly

Fear is instilled in those lit with gas

                                                                                                                               I have to repeat                                                                                                                           This too shall pass.



The Breadth of being

To talk with a glance, to speak with a look

They see how happy, we see what it took.

What a life you live, how did you find it? 

We fell, we broke, and then learned how to bind it.



Galaxies in eyes force thought to a modern plane

Without courage thinking isn't for the mundane


Universe Seeing

A universe hides in earthly being

While they search the stars, I look, I'm seeing.


See you

Peaks & valleys

Loops & nooks

Streets & Alleys

I see you in books


                                                        Go fuck yourself

Fuck yourself good and waller around.

Find every dark corner and fuck till you’re found.

Fuck long, fuck hard, look into eyes that are seeing.

                                                                 Knowledge doesn’t come unless seduced into being.

Cock wet, tongue warm, take time to reach elation.

Get fucked, feel honey, fill the page with inspiration.



                                                                                                                     Breath taken deeply

Can emote such a flurry

Lone you decipher