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Jordan Wayne Long


Jordan Wayne Long is a performance and video artist originally from Bald Knob, Arkansas. He also co-founded the artist documentary site Half Cut Tea and HCT.Media with fellow artist Matt Glass. HCT.Media's work has been featured on MSNBC, NPR, Huffpost, The A.V. Club.

Clients include The Jim Henson Company, BBC, KCET, LINKTV, PBS and others. 

 He graduated with his MFA from Cranbrook Academy of Art in 2011. His current work deals with an individual’s relationship to trauma/human condition.

He's lectured at the several institutions including the museum school (Boston, MA), Performance Space (London, UK), C.O.P.S. (Portland, Or), New Mexico State University, The University of Arkansas, UCLA's CARPA (Los Angeles, CA), KIPVS (Vlissingn, Netherlands) and others.


Curriculum Vitae:


Solo/Group Exhibitions:



"Tower Piece #1" Elaine Jacobs Gallery Wayne State University, Detroit, Michigan. 


“Impact Piece #1″ 12128 Boat Space, Portland, OR



“The Machine” UCLA’s CARPA, Joshua Tree, CA

“Handled Piece #1″ Tribeca Film Festival



“Dodge #1″ KipVis Art Space, Vlissingen, Netherlands.

“Remote Control #1″, ]performance s p a c e [, London, UK.

“Punch #2″Dimanche Rouge, Toulouse, France.

“Counter Weight #1″ Performance Space, Brooklyn, NY.

“Positive Disintegration Series” DCCP, Detroit, MI.

“Box Shipment #2″ @RJP Nomadic Gallery, San Antonio, TX.

“Handled Piece #1″, @the industry lab, Cambridge, MA.

“Boston tour” hosted by the laboratory @Harvard.



“Box shipment #2″ rocksboxfine art/ 1430 contemporary gallery @937 space. Portland, OR, 2011.

“Barn Burn #1″ Installation. Ozarks, AR, 2011.

“1000 stories (live)” LAX. Los Angeles, CA.

“Box Piece #2″ Cranbrook Museum of Art, Bloomfield Hills, MI.

“Box Piece #1″ Forum Gallery. Bloomfield Hills, MI.

“Childhood Hero #1″ Forum Gallery. Bloomfield Hills, MI.



“Trauma and Recovery” Graceland University, Lamoni, IA.

“Drag” Mass Art. Boston, MA.




“Live At Pretty” @The Pretty Gallery, Los Angeles, CA.


“Not This Side” @Industry Lab, Cambridge, MA.

“Lies Are Fine” @Industry Lab, Cambridge, MA.