Some stills from our new short film "The Machine" filmed last week at Joshua Tree, CA.

 Matt Glass and I have teamed up with editor Scott Turner to start bringing some more short films to life. With the Prop building help of Mark Jones this Sci-fi short has really come together. We also were able to have our friend Aaron Preusch out for the shoot to help us out with the gear/sound/glide cam. We called on Brea Grant and Tara Perry to come out and shoot with us. They braved the desert, mountain climbing and a missile test launch that we were pretty sure was aliens. Regardless the shoot turned out great as you can see from the stills below. More info on it soon!

Brea Grant as "Aleph".

Brea Grant as "Aleph".

Tara Perry as "Tate".

Tara Perry as "Tate".

Mountain Climbing

Shooting started for our new Short Film "Rain".

Matt Glass wrote a short story years ago and we're finally making it! We started building sets last week and have been shooting the last 4 days. It's been turning out amazing and we can't wait to show you the finished product. For now, enjoy this still below taken during last nights shoot!

Rain Still

New Short Film Procopius is out now!

We  just released our latest short film over at We're starting to shoot small scenes from larger stories that we want to tell. We're pretty excited at how this new one came out and I hope you are too! Check it out!

A Hunter Faces His Oldest Foe. A Puppet Fable.

Working for The Jim Henson Company (First Documentary up now!

Since May, Matt Glass and I have been following around the creature builders at The Jim Henson Creature Shop. We've been documenting the creation of new characters for a new series called Oscar's Hotel that is now on Vimeo.

Working for them has been a dream come true and has opened up many doors for us. Below you can find the first of 6 episodes that will be coming out over the coming weeks. 


With Robert Bennett and Jurgen Furgeson 

With Robert Bennett and Jurgen Furgeson 

Shooting at Aldworth Manor  is currently up in Harrisville, NH shooting a few Short FIlms. One of which features a puppet from one of the builders at the Jim Henson Creature Shop. We're pretty excited about how things are turning out up here. It's nice to have a break and work on some personal project for a month. Enjoy the teasers below!


Aldworth Manor